Moulton Morris Men

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The Moulton Morris Men - Northamptonshire


   We pride ourselves on being one of the best traditional dance teams in the country. We perform our traditional English Morris dances in the ways they should be done, dancing throughout the summer months at fairs, steam rallies, fetes, fun days, folk festivals and in many open places around Northamptonshire.
   We regularly travel to display our traditional dancing skills across England and have been to Europe to dance in Holland France Belgium and Germany.
   Our group is based in the Northamptonshire village of Moulton and as well as performing all the varieties of Sword and Morris, we specialise in local dances of this area.
   Music is provided on melodeon, fiddle and concertina and there are nationally renowned musicians among our membership.
   Practices are on Thursday evenings , 7.30 - 9 pm at Moulton Village Hall (part of Moulton sports complex), in Pound Lane, West Street, Moulton, Northants
   (turning into Pound Lane is opposite the Telegraph pub and then turn right after 100m)
   For more information contact:
   Simon    07788 755756